About MCAP

Medfield Cares about Prevention Coalition (MCAP) works towards better organizing our community resources to combat alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use amongst our youth.

Our site is ever evolving. Please check back often for new content and additional resources.

Our Vision, Mission and Members

Our vision: To promote a sustaining, community wide culture of safety and support in Medfield that fosters informed decisions, healthy lifestyles, and a substance free environment for our youth.

Our mission: The coalition incorporates a collaborative community and evidence based approach to eliminate alcohol, marijuana, and other drug use and abuse among Medfield youth. Through community education, partnership and strategic action we will decrease the risk factors and increase the protective factors that will enhance the health and safety of our youth.

Members: Our members include local community members, representing all aspects of Medfield life that include: Medfield Public Schools, law enforcement, religion, youth, youth outreach workers, local business and civic leaders, state representatives committed to substance use issues, healthcare, local media, and parents.